Brexit...Protecting EU trade in the Interim

In mid August the CBI has responded in detail to the Government’s publication of the future partnership paper on the Customs Union. The CBI said "The commitment from Government to explore a Customs Union for the interim period is a critical first step forward.  This clarity is vital for businesses making long-term investment decisions today",

“Protecting our significant trade with Europe while we explore global opportunities is the right approach during the interim period. “This matters for jobs and investment for both European countries as well as the UK.  What’s needed now is a pragmatic approach from Brussels on this issue of mutual interest."said Josh Hardie CBI Deputy Director-General.

With the third round of Brexit negotiations having taken place in Brussels this week, the UK Government has released several new Future Partnership Papers and Position Papers in relation to Brexit (Source: CBI Brexit Up to date news)

  • The exchange and protection of personal data
  • Cross-border civil judicial cooperation framework
  • Enforcement and dispute resolution
"The data paper will be of particular interest to CBI members. The CBI believes that strong alignment between British and European data standards opens the door to crafting a robust framework that enables the uninterrupted flow of data. In the short-term, a seamless transition deal is necessary to protect the free flow of information and provide legal certainty to businesses and consumers. The Government’s paper represents a significant step forward, recognising the importance of securing the free flow of data to the UK economy. Similarly the Government’s ambition to secure an adequacy model that will pave the way for long-term certainty and stability on data flows represents further welcome news for business"

The CBI believes "The UK Government’s position on goods is a significant improvement upon the EU’s current proposal, whose narrow definition would create a severe cliff-edge hitting consumers on both sides of the Channel. However, the only way to provide companies with the reassurance they need is through the urgent agreement of interim arrangements. This would ensure that goods and services can still flow freely giving companies the certainty they need to invest. The simplest way to achieve that is for the UK to stay in the single market and a customs union until a comprehensive new deal is in force. The CBI believes that both sides of the negotiations should agree to move talks on to interim arrangements as soon as possible to stem the loss of investment."

We concure at Beaumont.  Please see the original sources at CBI Brexit Up to date news.


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